Monday, April 18, 2011

What Wedding?!

Did you know that everyone in the UK gets the day off for the royal wedding?


Regardless of if you RSVP’d to the wedding or not.

WTF, I ask you?

WTF?? Or rather should I say WAC??

What About Canada?

Is this not also OUR royal wedding?? Are we no longer a part of this commonwealth?!? When the queen speaks are we not expected to listen?!

...wait, what is that on the back of every single Canadian loonie?? It's on every single toonie too?! Oh ya…..

Every time I buy a stick of gum, or flip a coin to start a ball game and it comes up ‘heads’, I am reminded that their queen is my queen. Their prince is my prince. Their Kate Middleton is my Kate Middleton. Yet no one’s called me to tell me I have the day off when they exchange rings.

I keep hoping every time I turn on the news that the queen’s face will appear on the screen as the announcer utters, “The Queen would like to send out a royal apology to Canada for forgetting they exist, and call for an official federal holiday in the country to commemorate the wedding of her grandson in recognition of the ties that the royal family has to the country. In fact to show her sincere regret over the mishap, she has asked Canada to take Monday off as well.”

But the wedding is coming closer and my hopes of this are puttering out. I feel a bit like the smallest child who gets left behind at the gas station on family vacation.

I am going to personally call the queen regarding this issue.

HELLO??? Queen??? It’s me. Tanya. From Canada. Remember? Canada. That big land mass that you stop by when you are craving a really good steak. Ya. Not sure if anyone’s told you, but you’re our queen too – you’re on the freakin money!! We put you on the freakin money! The least you could do is give us the day off with the rest of your ‘people’.

If she doesn’t take my call, I will never again call ‘HEADS’ in a coin toss.


I’ll show her.

happy friday!